Dolomite paint refers to a type of paint that incorporates dolomite powder as one of its ingredients. Dolomite is a mineral composed of calcium magnesium carbonate (CaMg(CO3)2) and is often used in various applications, including paint production. 

Dolomite powder finds usage in a wide variety of industries owing to its whiteness and purity. The mineral is less reactive and also exhibits good acid resistance which makes it a demanded mineral in various industries. Its also used widely in the Iron and Steel industry due to its strength and compatibility in the process of purifying Iron and Steel. Shankar Impex is the leading Dolomite Powder Supplier in India. Micronized Dolomite Powder that is readily soluble in water. Hence, it is used as an extender in water-based paints – emulsions, distempers and primers.


  • Dolomite is a hard mineral. Thus, it imparts scrub resistance to the paint. Moreover, it offers tremendous durability to the paint film against weathering.
  • Dolomite is a cost-effective filler providing substantial cost benefits compared to other fillers For application in paint, dolomite must be very pure and in particular devoid of the colour imparting impurities such as oxides of iron, chromium, manganese etc.
  • Dolomite Powder is highly dispersible and doesn’t clump together. This ensures homogeneous filler distribution in the paint which is important for uniform consistency in the paint.
  • Dolomite has a high whiteness, and thus interferes minimally with the paint colour, leading to intense, opaque, accurate shad

Technical Specifications:

Colorwhite,grey, yellowish to red-brown
Packaging50 Kg
Grain size0 – 10µm – 0 – 30µm – 0 – 60µm – 0 – 90µm – 0 – 300µm
Chemical Formulamin. 90% CaMg(CO3)2

Benefits of Paint Grade Dolomite Powder

  • Enhanced Durability: Dolomite paint can contribute to the durability of the paint film once it has dried and cured. The hardness and strength of dolomite particles can help create a more resilient and long-lasting painted surface.
  • Opacity and Coverage: Dolomite powder can improve the opacity and coverage of the paint. This means that the paint can more effectively cover underlying surfaces and provide a consistent finish, even when applied over different colors or textures.
  • Smooth Finish: The fine particles in dolomite powder can contribute to a smoother and more even finish on painted surfaces. This can help achieve a visually pleasing appearance.
  • pH Regulation: Dolomite has buffering properties that can help regulate the pH of the paint mixture. This can contribute to the stability and workability of the paint.
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