A trusted manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Dolomite & Soap stone Powder

We are leading the market in manufacturing, export and supply of minerals by providing quality mineral solutions to several industries. We also provide  Dolomite Powder & Soapstone Powder that are of top quality, have a large selection, and are priced competitively.

Our Infrastructure & Machinery

Shankar Impex takes pride in having one of India’s most advanced minerals and Powder production facilities. As a result, we are able to provide high-quality products at affordable pricing.

Our remarkable production facility is Rajasthan. and is equipped with imported and technologically advanced machinery. This leads to our production capacity of at least 1.2 million metric tonnes of minerals-based ceramic raw material per year and approximately 4 million square feet of powder annually.

We are dedicated to deliver the most premium yet cost-effective mineral solutions for our clients with our highly skilled technicians. We always conduct in-depth research to procure only the best quality raw materials making us confident in our quality and services. We adhere to all international rules and quality standards, and our unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality solutions has won us  accreditation.

Our Commitments

We are committed to deliver commercial, market-driven and innovative mineral solutions with our best-in-class facilities. Shankar Impex stays ahead of the competition because of our approach and understanding of each and every client’s needs. We are committed to selecting and delivering tailored solutions for all of your mineral requirements, Dolomite Powder & Soapstone Powder.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be your one-stop source for all mineral and Powder solutions. We’re committed to providing you with services that help you get the most out of our innovative products.

Our goal is to help you succeed, and we have 2+ years of technological knowledge and expertise to help you refine your processes, amplify your indoor or outdoor spaces, and thus enhance your business growth by using our high quality products.

Integrity, commitment, and innovation drive our mission to provide the highest quality products at affordable rates with dedicated customer service in a profitable and environmentally sustainable manner.

Our Location

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